Working Tools

Carlos Amorales
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Almost 40 years since its foundation and in line with its vocation to be a space for the generation and dissemination of knowledge, the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, MAMM, launches a new series of publications that amplify the thinking and ideas inherent in each exhibition project, in order to promote its discussion beyond the physical space of the Museum and establish links with other disciplines and knowledge.

As part of the programming of temporary exhibitions, which seeks to put Medellin in dialogue with the Latin American artistic production, between July and November 2017, the exhibition Carlos Amorales, Working Tools, took place in rooms A, B and foundries of MAMM, an initiative that gave an account of some of the main interests developed by the Mexican artist Carlos Amorales in more than 20 years of prolific career - the moving image, the still image and music - as well as his ideas and ways of working.


Museo de Arte Moderno de Medellín, 2017

Medellin, Colombia

English, Spanish

112 pages

16 x 22 cm

isbn: 978-958-57175-6-5



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