tomorrow everything will be alright

amnha vai ficar tudo bem
$250 pesos
$13 dollars


Amanhã Vai Ficar Tudo Bem is the cathalogue of Akram Zaatari’s first solo exhibition in Brazil, where the artist explores different forms of representation of individual subjectivity as a place to approach the social dimensions of intimacy and their respective negotiations with the public -using the Internet as a medium and speech.

Zaatari shows six pieces that dialogue with each other and reflect the affections, sexuality, eroticism and memory. His work operates within the framework of the documentary: objects, archives and narratives that will contribute to a history to come. Thus, Zaatari shows tensions that oscillate between desire and rejection through multiple photographs, drawings and video installations, which usually involve homoerotic contents of an Arab world building their identities.

$250 pesos

asociación cultural videobrasil, 2016
belo horizonte, brasil
portuguese and english
90 pages
soft cover
15 x 21 cm
isbn 9788599277058


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