Thinking in circles

Gabriel Orozco
$650 pesos
$33 dollars


Published by The Fruitmarket Gallery to accompany the exhibition, this major book by curator Briony Fer focuses on the exhibitions’ themes and ideas. Placing the work, The Eye of GO, at the center of her thought, Fer asks: how far is it possible to think with the work rather than about it?

Fully illustrated, with many images published for the first time and new photographs made by the artist specially for the book, it is an important addition to current scholarship on Orozco’s work.

This project began as a fairly straightforward exercise: to place one work at the center of our thoughts and see how far it is possible to think ‘with’ it rather than ‘about’ it.
“I’ll start with some what-ifs: What if Orozco’s painting The Eye of GO asks us to interrogate a problem rather than look at a composition of forms? What if what we see is not a still ‘composition’ at all but rather a configuration, for example, of circles that actively work, that move, rotate, spread? That is to say, what would it be to say that The Eye of GO asks a question about how circles work and what they do? And what if, with that question in mind, we are better able to think through the problem of how Orozco’s work works?”


$650 pesos


edited by briony fer


the fruitmarket gallery, 2013
edinburgh, scotland
144 pages
20.6 x 26 cm
isbn: 9781908612236

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