The Self Builders' Groove

Abraham Cruzvillegas
$400 pesos
$20 dollars


In Berlin, Cruzvillegas created a new series of performances titled The Self Builders’ Groove, in which the idea of “self-construction” is both musically translated and integrated into the city’s spirit.

In collaboration with Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Sebastian Gräfe, Valentina Jager, and Maureen Tsakiris, Cruzvillegas has chosen three places in Berlin for performances that are “anchored in-between a punk three-chord strategy, sample dub tradition, rebajada’s slow motion earsplitting, hip-hop appropriation, and Tyrolese-Tibetan electro-digital tunes—which will be played with customized instruments, handmade amplified devices that produce sounds by striking, pinching, blowing, or shaking them while showing their builders’ crack.”

Cruzvillegas’ songs embrace non-exclusive areas of thinking, producing, and creating. The situations described in the songs evoke transformative situations for art, science, philosophy, and language. Cruzvillegas’ commitment to subjective and un-dogmatic working processes influence the content and form of these songs—they are not about borders or no-man’s-land, rather they celebrate a kind of everyone’s-land, very much in the spirit of Woody Guthrie’s famous song “This Land is Your Land.”

This project also celebrates Berlin, a city squashed and devastated, always under reconstruction. The sounds, images, texts, and other residues that result from this project will be compiled on a music album that will be distributed for free on the internet as well as in an artist book with texts by Abraham Cruzvillegas, Kasha Bittner, and Armin Keller.



$400 pesos


edited by abraham cruzvillegas, berliner künstlerporgramm/daad

texts by abraham cruzvillegas, kasha bittner, and armin keller


berliner künstlerprogramm, daad, 2011
berlin, germany
spanish, english and polish
227 pages
24 x 18.5 cm
isbn: 9783981128895

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