Gabriel Orozco
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$73 dollars


For the previous year, the artist had been based in Tokyo and all the work in this exhibition were made in his apartment there. Although at first sight the installation of watercolour paintings, propped against walls and placed on shelves, may look startlingly different from some of his best known works like Black Kites (1997), it had, in fact, been made according to similar procedures and with the same intense interests in matter and process, movement and circulation. Only this time, Orozco used the materials that he found around him in Japan. The watercolours are on gold cardboard grounds in standard sizes, all readily available from a nearby Tokyo art suppliers. The ‘standards’, including the size of the brushes, are of course not universal but specific to Japanese traditions. Gold, in this context, is not a precious material but provides a light-reflective ground for exploring the material properties of watercolour.


White Cube, 2017


205 pages

19.5 x 26 cm

isbn: 978 1 91084412 0

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