Sillas de México

Oscar Hagerman
$30 pesos
$2 dollars


"In Sillas de México, I present five different designs, plus eight variants of each, specially prepared for this exhibition.To the forty new pieces are added a couple of recently produced chairs: the original chair that I designed in 1969, and a version made for children and farmers could sit and cook in a low wood-burning stove.
For these new designs I used wood purchased from lumberyards in Mexico City. The backs and seats were made by craftsmen, using different materials. Different products were used to finish the chairs. My intention is that through this work students from all over the country know more about our resources.
The designs are made to be produced only using certified woods. In this way we can ensure the conservation of Mexican forests. The ergonomics applied in the design of these chairs is the result of studies carried out for more than fifty years, a central theme of the classes I teach in different universities in the country. "
-Oscar Hagerman
Designed by Oscar Hagerman in collaboration with Alejandro Magallanes. 2018
60 pages