Gabriel Orozco
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kurimanzutto is pleased to present its most recent title featuring the latest project by Gabriel Orozco, OROXXO, published by Koenig Books and kurimanzutto. From February 2 to March 16, 2017, the artist installed an OXXO store inside the gallery space, and with it proposed a game involving opposing logos and rules of the market, as two ways of understanding the ever-expanding capitalist world in demise.

OROXXO was divided into two spaces that performed differently, the store and the back room. In the store, products normally found at an OXXO where exhibited along with a total of 300 items intervened by the artist. The back store displayed the packaging of the intervened products that were installed following a traditional exhibition criteria, functioning within the game set forth by the artist on rules of the market.

This proposal by Orozco provoked a great deal of reactions, from admiration to satire, in digital and print media, as well as social media. However, there were few in-depth critical texts published that analyzed the total implications of the project. The exhibition catalogue brings together that selection of texts by Luciano Concheiro in conversation with Benjamin H.D. Buchloh, Jori Finkel, and Juan Villoro, the images of all of the intervened products and of the store and back room, as well as a collage of a poem by Parmenides that Orozco took inspiration from when establishing the rules of the game OROXXO. Lastly, there is an index with concrete data and numbers that reflect various aspects of OROXXO, which when examined in detail offer an extensive perspective on the implications that this project had in so far as practice, meaning, points of view, public, production, inverstment, profit, success, impact, and opinion.


Gabriel Orozco, kurimanzutto, and Koenig Books, 2018.

English / Spanish

335 pages

19 x 25.5 cm

isbn: 978-3-96098-266-1



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