o momento presente

anri sala
$550 pesos
$28 dollars


Anri Sala: O Momento Presente is the exhibition catalogue of the largest show of Anri Sala in Brasil.

The exhibition details the political and, at the same time, aesthetic dimension of Anri Sala's work through photos, objects and, above all, audio and video installations produced during different phases of his career.

On the one hand, spectators are prompted to critically evaluate the present moment from a historical point of view; on the other, they are radically thrown into the present tense through approaches to sound as a physical phenomenon of high sensorial impact.

In addition, Anri Sala enhances the public's experience of the architecture, proposing a new way of circulating through the IMS spaces, blocking the usual passageways and prompting visitors to explore the largely untravelled outdoor areas.


$550 pesos

texts by heloisa espada, moacir dos anjos, natalie bell e jacques rancière

instituto moreira salles, 2016
rio de janeiro, brazil
171 pages
hard cover
23 x 14.2 cm
no isbn

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