Jimmie Durham

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Jimmie Durham is an internationally acclaimed artist, writer, and poet of Cherokee descent. His intricate sculptures and installations mimic the attributes of humans and animals , and the ways they make or are made into history. Durham combines discarded objects and fragments of organic matter, transforming them with dazzling colour into startling, anthropomorphic configurations. His sculptures, wall-based collages and ersatz ethnographic displays deliver ironic assaults on the colonizing procedures of Western culture and weave a complex thread of puns, poetry and political invective.


In the Interview, curator Dirk Snauwaert talks with the artist about his multi-faceted practice. The Survey, by film and art critic Laura Mulvey, explores themes of history, language, space and time in Durham's work. In the Focus, performance artist and writer Mark Alice Durant analyses Durham's diary of Shakespeare's Caliban The Caliban Codex or A Thing Most Brutish. For Artist's Choice, Durham has selected texts by Italo Calvino about the loss of speech and the poetry of the invisible. Artist's Writings include essays, poems, and screenplays, as well as a conversation between the artist and athropologist Michael Taussig, and curators Miwon Kwon and Helen Molesworth. In The Update, curator and writer Kate Nessin positions Durham's work within an historical context while offering an insightful view on the work he has made over the past two decades.


phaidon, 2017
239 pages
hard cover
25.5 x 30 cm
isbn: 9780714874012

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