History repeats itself

Roman Ondak
$580 pesos
$29 dollars


A collision between the past and present, adolescence and adulthood is a central theme of the exhibition titled History Repeats Itself. Exploring themes relevant for today’s political development, the exhibition strives to inspire critical thinking, dealing with topics the artist tracked from his memory of the period when he grew up during communism in former Czechoslovakia, and which similarly, as if in a loop, a new generation of young people might be confronted with at present.


The exhibition History Repeats Itself invites the viewer to participate in a suggestive staged show, laid out as clues tracing both the passage of time and our capacity to learn from history. The audience visiting is engaged in a sort of archaeological field work, imitating the artist’s own method, where objects are carefully collected and laid out as hidden messages.


The exhibition History Repeats Itself is very relevant today when walls are being built and nations are shutting themselves off from the world. The exhibition focuses on topics such as personal freedom, control, surveillance, censorship as well as dreams and hopes on a personal and universal level.


Kunsten / Koenig Books, 2017

English / Danish


180 pages

ISBN: 978-3-96098-208-1


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