Hielos Picos

Iñaki Bonillas
$600 pesos
$32 dollars


The book Hielos – Picos has two front covers and can be read from left to right and viceversa. One half of the book presents La idea del norte: picos, inspired by Carl Andre’s contribution to the famous Xerox Book, a collective artist’s publication conceived as an exhibition in print which was published by Seth Siegelaub and John W. Wendler in New York, 1968. The 25-page contribution of Andre to this book shows randomly placed and progressively accumulating empty squares. In turn, Iñaki Bonillas, has filled the squares with black and White photographs of the world’s highest mountain peaks; and as María minera has observed, the reinterpretation of the original work seems thus to mirror the process by which, one page after the other, the conquest of the snowy peaks becomes also the conquest of the blank page.


The other half of the book contains an extract of the series La idea del norte: hielos, an illusion of fragments of ice appearing to float in an empty space, slowly melting and forever breaking up. To create this fiction, Bonillas used the glass plate of a photocopier mavhine to evoke the sea and broken pieces of porcelain to suggest ice.


Arts libris, Barcelona / Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, Köln. 2018
English / Spanish / Catalan
48 pages
isbn: 978-3-86335-708-5


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