Grid Bloc in Five Folds

Haegue Yang
$550 pesos
$28 dollars


Grid Bloc Square – Five Folds is the fourth edition of Haegue Yang’s Grid Bloc series, and takes the form of a glued stack of graph paper sheets with various patterns and four-color combinations. Inspired by the language of Islamic symmetric geometry with a distinct orientation toward cyclical movement, Grid Bloc Square – Five Folds is based on the principle of a five-fold pattern. The use of a geometric subdivision of a circle into five parts creates a variety of polygonal and floral patterns, which are revealed in four-color combinations, demonstrating the immense potential of the pattern to evolve.

Haegue Yang initiated the first edition of Grid Bloc in 2000 as a graph paper block, and it has been published and distributed as a stationary item ever since. Reflecting the notion of standards, Grid Bloc offers possible alternatives to existing standard products. The first Grid Bloc (2000) was in A4 size and the composition of its horizontal and vertical lines varied, according to unit intervals or subdivisions, as well as colors that were not found in regular graph papers. This was followed by the next edition, titled Grid Bloc A3 (2013) that deviated from the 90-degree angle of common graph papers by introducing the lines with a ‘three dimensional’ effect or in isometric arrangement. The first square edition was released 2016, Grid Bloc Square – Four Folds and will evolve in a subseries of 3 books.

The elaboration of the Grid Bloc simultaneously reflects and enables the development of Yang’s paper collage series Trustworthies (2010-ongoing), which are made of security patterns from the inside of envelopes on the backdrop of a collaged Grid Bloc.

Grid Bloc Square – Five Folds is published in collaboration with Berlin-based Korean illustrator Jeong Hwa Min. Yang and Min are planning one more Square Grid Bloc in the near future, to delve into a six-fold pattern.


Les Presses du Réel, 2017



72 pages



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