Fleur Fantomes

Gabriel Orozco
$1100 pesos
$55 dollars


Catalogue of Gabriel Orozco's eponymous in-situ work at Château de Chaumont-sur-Loire, Center for Arts and Nature, from April 5, 2014, to December 31, 2016. Inspired by the princely apartments's old tapestries, the installation looks back at the castle's history and draws on a reflection on memory.


Fascinated by the antique wallpapers adorning the apartments once occupied by guests of Prince and Princess de Broglie (the château’s last private owners), rooms abandoned in 1938 only to be opened up once again in 2011 for use by contemporary artists, the great Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco spent long hours absorbing the palimpsest constituted by these ancient wall hangings while carrying out a special commission from the Centre Region. The works that line the château’s “guestrooms” recapture the details and wounds of these antique wallpapers, reconstituted by the artist using a slow but unique process of spraying oil on canvas. These “phantom flowers” he presents at Chaumont-sur-Loire rekindle memories in abeyance, the invisible remnants of lives snuffed out, the intensity of memory of times long gone – which visitors capture a vague sense of without being able to identify the origin of their feelings, and which Orozco’s canvases express.


$1100 pesos


texts by chantal colleu-dumond and patricia falguières


grappa studio, 2016
boulogne-billancourt, france

english / french
152 pages
22 x 30 cm
isbn: 978-2-7466-8830-8



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