chromosome damage

daniel guzmán
$495 pesos
$25 dollars


This publication brings together a hundred drawings from Daniel Guzman’s series Chromosome Damage, which he presnted for the first time in an homonymous exhibition at the Drawing Room in London. The book includes texts by Dr. Elizabeth Baquedano, Mary Doyle, and Gabriel Kuri.


Guzmán’s work is the result of a constant and disciplined investigation guided by the hand’s intuition, which translates the artist’s imagination and gives it solid form on paper. In the case of this series, his drawings stem from a fascination with Aztec iconography, in particular the earth goddesses. Representations of Pre Hispanic deities parade along with human figures, beasts with masks, and demons. Made with pastels, charcoal, and acrylic paint on butcher paper, these images reveal an uncontrolled process of metamorphosis: arms, nipples, snakes, claws and hair sprout from forms rendered not without a touch of humour. The sensual and the grotesque are present in equal measure in these pieces: the influence of Matisse’s nudes and Willem de Kooning’s portraits of women recombine in hybrid figures who echo Hermelinda Linda and the disturbing cartoons of Basil Wolverton.


$ 495 pesos

texts by elizabeth baquedano, mary doyle and gabriel kuri.

editorial rm, 2015
mexico city, mexico
english and spanish
222 pages
16.5 x 23.5 cm
hard cover
isbn: 9788416282173


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