Axiomas para la Acción

Carlos Amorales
$220 pesos
$12 dollars


Axioms for Action replaces narrative with an itinerant, transformable exhibition. To institutions and curators who wish to adopt it, it proposes the experience of surveying more than two decades of Carlos Amorales's career. In a variety of shows, it internprets the pronciples with which this work operates, rather than a fixes collection of specific artworks. The nucleus for such show is a theoretical text by the artist, entitled Axioms for Action, which defines the main thrusts that have constituted his oeuvre as an organic investigation, in spite of its multifarious expression. This mental and emotional program is accompanied by a broad list of work that each institution and curator can use like a menu to stage variations on Amorales's work and texts.


In addition to being exercises in interpretation and actions in themselves, the resulting exhibitions will make it possible to show this work in a variety of scales and in accordance with a range of different material, architectural and organizational possibilities. In this sense, each show will be an interpretation of the matrix of the work made by the artist and his studio as well as a compendium ofhis oeuvre.


In addition to the instruments of each transformable exhibition proposal, this publication offers a series of texts by the artists that provide cross-sections of viewpoints on the developing spiral of his works and thought. It also features texts by a handful of authors who immerse themselves, in their own ways, in rivers and caverns as well as in the peepholes that invite us perversely to glimpse between the walls. 


Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo, 2018. 

English / Spanish


16.5 x 22 cm

isbn: 978-84-17047-44-3



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