Acercamientos a la Obra de Carlos Amorales

Carlos Amorales
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This publication brings together a series of texts and conversations dedicated to the work of Mexican artist Carlos Amorales. However, it is important to note that Amorales is, above all, an artifice. From the first projects in which he made a mask of himself to create the person we now know as Amorales, the artist showed that identity is not a given and immutable quality of being, but a malleable entity that is created and is manipulated.

The compilation contains texts of different nature that include from his first projects in the nineties, like Amorales vs. Amorales, until his last research and exhibitions, like the representation he made for the Mexican pavilion of the Venice Biennial in 2017 and the individual exhibition organized by the Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo during 2018.

Among the texts are essays of catalogs, academic texts, literary explorations, critiques, analyzes and reviews. Likewise, numerous conversations by the artist with critics, curators, designers, students, and other artists were included, which have the peculiarity that they move in much freer terrain, with the proper rhythm of conversation and spoken language.

As the illegible writings generated by this artist remind us over the years, the meaning of the words is not univocal. For this reason, it is particularly pertinent to confront a work that has been dedicated to exploring language and writing with the critical and imaginative perspective offered by one and the other. By means of such an operation, this publication is proposed as an interface that seeks to slow down the incessant flutter of the symbiotic insect cluster that is the work of Carlos Amorales.


Secretaria de Cultura / Editorial RM, 2018.



422 pages

ISBN: 978-607-8295-44-9

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